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National Tap Dance Day was declared in remembrance of tap pioneer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and Las Vegas is celebrating the national dance holiday with extending the history of Las Vegas Entertainment in Tap

The Las Vegas Tap Fest was conceived May 25, 2013, founded by Victoria Jones, founder of M.A.D.D. Rhythms Las Vegas, with the help and inspiriation of Ivery Wheeler, Las Vegas Tap Dance Native, and Quinn Callahan, owner of the Rock Center for Dance, in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Tap Festival is based out of Las Vegas, NV.  This city is chosen because it is the Entertainment Capital of the world.   There is a benefit/need to continue the tradition of tap in the city of entertainment because it enlightens the community of dance and it is a business of tap dance mixed with the history and new generations.

Many Legends of tap have embraced this city with quality tap performances including the late greats, Sammy Davis Jr., resident Dr. Henry LeTang, Gregory Hines, Maceo Anderson and The Four Step Brothers, the recently passed resident Dr. Bunny Briggs (died November 15, 2014) and our recently deceased legend Dr. Prince Spencer in October 2015.

This festival will continue to keep the tradition of tap dance alive in the great city of Las Vegas, NV.



Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

(May 25, 1878 - November 25, 1949)


Dr. Bunny Briggs

(February 26, 1922 - November 15, 2014)


Dr. Prince Spencer

(October 3, 1917 - October 29, 2015)