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ADP Aline Card Payday Loans

Is ADP Aline Card suitable for payday loans?

It is something that lots of the cardholders ask about because the card allows them to enjoy a range of benefits such as low or none withdrawals fees.

If you wish to find out the answer to this question, you should keep reading this article.

What Is ADP?

ADP stands for Automatic Data Processing, Inc., an American provider of HR management services and software.

The company develops various payroll and HCM solutions, and one of them is the Aline.

Generally, ADP Aline cards for a payday loan can be used if there is nothing else that you can use to get the funds from a lender.

adp payday loans

However, not all lenders are willing to deposit to such a card or they will ask you to opt for a secured loan.

What Is the Aline Card by ADP?

It is a reloadable prepaid Visa card designed for both employers and employees.

The cards are issued by MB Financial Bank and they are a convenient alternative solution to traditional paychecks.

The cardholders can quickly get money from their employees.

The card works like as a prepaid, non-interest earning payroll card and can be used for making purchasing at a retailer or online vendor.

As soon as the money is received, you can use it right away to pay your bills, make purchases, and do other actions.

The cardholders are also allowed to make one transfer per day to their bank account.

Generally, it is great for employers because it allows them to decrease payroll costs and make payments for their employees electronically.

Employees enjoy having instant access to their funds without having to deposit or cash checks.

No credit check or bank account is required to get the card.

Customers can withdraw their money from Allpoint ATM machines at no charge.

Can You Get Cash Advance using ADP Aline?

Although it is possible to get a payday advance to your ADP Aline card directly, you will likely have to opt only for a secured loan.

Usually, you will be asked to have a bank account by a lender, but since there are lots of people who use only prepared cards, it is also possible to get a loan without one.

That is why if you need to get installment loan using ADP card, you can try it.

First of all, you need to find lenders willing to give you a loan on your prepared card and then compare their conditions.

Particularly, you should check if there are any additional fees that you will have to pay and how you will be able to pay off your loan.


The Aline Card is a new payment solution allowing both employers and employees to get a range of benefits.

At the same time, you may also consider using your ADP card for personal loan if you do not have a bank account or other payment solutions.

It may take you some time to find a lender, but the number of those willing to work with prepared cards keeps increasing day by day.

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5 reviews

  1. Jonshua

    Can I get payday loans with a payroll card?

  2. Katherian Weyer

    Can I get a loan in a ADP pay card

  3. Chris Wise

    When you activate the card and download the app you get an account and routing number, so can I go to a bank near me and use that information to withdraw my money since I had to have my card replaced? Or do I have to wait for my replacement card.

  4. Becky Leljedal

    Can I get a pay day advance loans with my pre paid card from work. We had to move From renting a house trailer for 23 years and iive in a camper we sold everything we had to do so .I like to do Christmas

  5. Tricia A Matriciano

    Living in my car with my family…can I get a loan off my card till I get paid Friday????

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