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Lucktastic App

Lucktastic App is a free mobile tool that allows its users to earn various rewards by performing different tasks.

Thus, according to the official website, this app will help you earn some prizes by means of search.

Using a search engine, you’ll participate in contests and might even become not only a lucky owner of a gift card for future shopping, but also a winner of a real-cash reward.

In this review, we’ll see whether you can really win all those privileges or whether this app cannot be trusted and should be avoided by all means.

Is Lucktastic Legit?

It might seem too good to be true, but this kind of app actually gives you a chance to use scratch cards for free day after day and win rewards with ease.


Customer feedback varies a bit, with some users claiming this app cannot be trusted, while others saying that they have actually grabbed big wins without any trouble.

What we know for sure is that this app is legally owned by Jump Ramp Games Company, which produces charge-free mobile gaming content and has been in operation since 2014.

This company has a pretty long history, which proves that their products are still popular with users and continue to be a number one choice for gambling fans worldwide.


Why Trust This

Clients’ reviews are sometimes false, but when there are so many lucky winners, it is hard to believe in the opposite.

Nonetheless, before downloading this app, it is better to make sure you’ll be safe to use it.

This app is available for iOS and Android and is pretty easy to use.

We do not see any reasons why you would not wish to play the scratch games offered by this app if you’ve got a bit of free time at your disposal.

It is especially so because this app boasts of having over 200 thousand lucky winners whose winnings amount to 3 million dollars in total.

So why not give it a try? Maybe your next try will just as well make you a jackpot winner!

How Sizeable Are the Rewards?

Well, what we know for sure is that Lucktastic games offer a $10,000 prize as an instant win.

We cannot say that this is another scam company that wants to strip you of your money, because we’ve tried it ourselves, and it’s absolutely free to use it.

However, the odds of winning a prize still remain random, simply because it’s a matter of pure luck.

What Do People Say?

Testimonials of previous clients demonstrate that a great many of users claim they cannot make any money using this.

Some users even say they were not able to get their gift cards after they have won a prize.

Obviously, not everyone here will win a reward using this app, but it is still a fun way of spending time especially if you are passionate about such kind of games.


Lucktastic App gives you a chance to not only have lots of fun, but also win a few perceptible prizes.

However, this might happen only if you are lucky enough.

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3 reviews

  1. Mary

    When is the best time to play Lucktastic?

  2. Max

    Please, tell me Can I really win money on it?

  3. Thomas Harris

    Lucktastic is a scam ,I have tried to get my rewards for 3 months,and not in stock,or error,now what

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