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Lucky Day App

Lucky Day App represents a sweepstakes app for mobile devices, which allows customers to play lots of game variations such as lotto games, scratch games as well as slots with an incredible possibility to win real-cash prizes.

In this review, we will take a look at what this app looks like and whether it really gives you all chances to win big.

Currently, Lucky Day App technology can be used free of charge being hosted exclusively by and ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars according to consumer ratings.

What’s on Offer?

This mobile app offers lots of gaming tools to try out including the following:

  • Scratcher – this means you’ll need to match a bunch of identical items in order to win a real-money prize according to random generator results;
  • Slots – you’ll have to match several tokens in one row in order to get hold of some prize;
  • Lotto – this option costs two credits and gives you all chances to increase your payouts to the maximum in case you are lucky enough to get matching numbers. You may even get a chance to win a big-sized jackpot.

Lucky Day App

Is Lucky Day App Legit?

Many people wonder whether this mobile application gives an opportunity to win real rewards or whether it’s just another fraudster that is associated with many risks but no real-money prizes at all.

In fact, there are lots of concerns and complaints on behalf of customers regarding this app.

Let’s see what people say:

  • Random generation is not reliable. This is one of the major worries expressed by customers because, in this sweepstakes game, the prizes are generated at random with no guarantees of winning. Some people even think the outcomes of the game are fixed. We personally do not think so, but it is highly unlikely that you’ll hit a jackpot, similarly to any casino venture;
  • Lack of any guarantees. Customer feedback demonstrates that you’ll get no guarantees of winning a prize. Even more than that, there are no guarantees that you’ll be given your prize in real cash even if you win. Well, it’s absolutely free to use this app, so you might not have much to complain about. However, it is not possible to rely upon this game as a source of income. Instead, it can rather be perceived as a fun way to spend free time.
  • When using Lucky Day App, it’s worth considering that you may cash out your winnings only if you have earned not less than 10 dollars – this is one more concern associated with this app. This means that if you do not have enough cash on your balance, you won’t be able to get your wins, and there are no guarantees that you’ll manage to hit a prize of more than 10 dollars to get your money.


Overall, we do not perceive this app as a scam, but we are pretty sure that it would be hard to use it for the purpose of gaining real-money rewards, let alone making Lucky Day App your only source of income.

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81 reviews

  1. Dan

    This is real a mobile sweepstakes application which enables consumers to legally play lotto games, virtual scratch off tickets and slots with the potential to win real money.

  2. Just a user

    Using this app for a week, no winnings whatsoever.. scam

  3. Emma

    Had my doubts about this app esspically since i found a website site that said it was working fine until the update i didnt have to worry about though as i just WON 50 $$ AND it just came through on paypal NOT A SCAM!

  4. Wasting my Time

    Been playing for 2 months. Money winnings have stalled at $8.25, you can’t cash out till over $10. The only thing growing is the token winnings that you can supposedly cash in for gift cards and such. Looking like just another waste of time app.

  5. Tori Mack

    Huge scam. Downloaded app literally 2 hours ago and they have said i had won a $5,000 amazon giftcard and $10,000. I had to pay a fee and they wanted the money but i said take it out of the taxes and they left me an inappropriate message.

  6. Luke

    Easy to play and just takes 5 minutes of my day. I’ve gotten 2 starbucks gift cards. I love Lucky Day.

  7. Cortney

    I’ve been a daily player for over 4 months now. I was winning cash prizes at least once per week..25¢, 50¢, $1 etc. Last 2 months It has stopped at $8.50! Needing $10 to cash out and no $$ prizes at all anymore. Seems they pull you in at first then leave ya hanging at just under the $10!!! I have not won anything playing daily in months and the ads are more frequent also

  8. Gina H

    I play daily. Ive cashed $20 in cash and $35 in PayPal and Amazon cards using my points. Ive been playing about 8 months. It does stall out aroumd the $8.50 cash mark but with persistance it will eventually get you to $10 in order to cash out. I have more luck cashing in my points. I love this app and it does pay off

  9. Brenda Reeves

    This is fun but watching the same videos all the time is very annoying. Haven’t had any cash outs after 6-8 months of playing but I have earned small amount on gift cards

  10. Krista Jones

    I’ve been playing Lucky Day since last summer of 2018. I’ve had $10.50 for several months now but was hoping to earn more since you need $10 to cash out. I have already cashed in some of my tokens to get a five dollar gift card to guitar center for my husband. I have almost $7000 in tokens which is about seven dollars and I’m waiting till I can earn up until 10,000 to get a $10 gift card to something that we use. I recently cashed in the $10.50 through PayPal and it came right through. It’s definitely not a scam but you certainly aren’t going to win big money. I did send my code to a few friends for them to download the app but it said that it was no longer available in United States anymore. That is a huge disappointment as I was hoping my husband could get in on the fun. I’m glad I got a mall I could. If I have a few extra moments it doesn’t hurt to try and do some of the scratch off‘s and see if I can win something. They are posting pictures of people winning money and get certificates so obviously it’s real honor generating the money through the advertisements. I am a little confused as to why you can’t get in the United States and my husband thinks that it’s because there’s something illegal about it. All in all at least I can get a little extra something for nothing.

  11. Kristina Richmond

    I’ve been stuck at $9.75 to cash out for a few mos now and I’ve just reached my 10,000,000 coins for a gift card now I need to know if they’ll send a gift card or if I’ve gotta get a gift card for them to put the money on?

  12. Debra Gienapp

    Played for over a year Cashed out 10$ for gift card they said they would email me. Never received a thing!

  13. Gina

    Hi , I yave been using lucky app since the summer of 2018 .. When I first downloaded this app. I genuinely enjoyed playing & didn’t really care about winning cash, After all it’s a game generated on luck right ? My outlook on Lucky Day app has changed for the following reasons ? Lucky Day apps makers created this game and told all over their users people win cash daily really ? I have yet to be told by ANYONE OF MY FRIENDS ( AND THEIR ARE MANY) I shared with my friend’s and raved about how fun Lucky Day is w/ Lucky Days promise of their players winning cash , B.S. ! The makers of lucky day are making a hyge profit off Lucky Day but are Not really paying out any cash .. Sure you will win change but do you EVER REALLY REACH THE 10.00 MARK ALLOWING YOU TO CASH OUT AND OR BUY A PRIZE , please respond back to my comment I want to hear from REAL PLAYERS NIT RELATED TO THE MAKERS OF LUCKY DAY AT ALL !!!
    I have been stuck on 8.75 since last Summer .. Lucky Day makers make sure to send tons of reminders that they deposited money into some lucky players accounts , Lucky Day can you share their names & states Please ? Lucky Day app creaters I would like to know if you allow your family & friends to play & win in your app ? I asked because I personally don’t know of anyone that is Not connected to this app. that has won Cash that Lucky Day app. has paid out in CASH ?
    Lucky Day app makers ( owners ) we allow & trust you with your app permission to our friends list & other areas you require us to give you permission before we are allowed to play your app. , why do you need that info ? I ask why because I am starting to see and I have heard that nobody ( so far ) has reached the ten dollar Mark to cash out .. When I think about that and all of us who have sent out friends & family Your app. you the makers of Lucky Day are ( with all of our help ) making a killing on your app advertised through Google .. Yes it’s a game ans it’s meant to be fun and it’s a chance to win .. but are you ( The owners ) of lucky day app. giving back ever to anyone and Giving them a Lucky Day at winning cash ?
    I have been stuck on $8.75 since last Summer ( LAST SUMMER AS 2019) … Even lottery pays out after earning so much money !
    Well thank you for allowing me to comment .. I decided along with my friends we are giving your app ( Lucky Day app) a little bit longer and if it former pay out your welcome to take my 8.75 cents and deposit it into a Lucky Persons account when I ( we delete your app. !
    I think your app is doing phenominal on Google but I think you should at least treat your Loyal customers fairly .. Again thanks for allowing me to comment .. We shall soon see if it’s time to delete and move on to another app 🙂
    Sincerly Boom1

  14. CL

    I agree with Other players total cash winnings have been at $9.75for several weeks now.. play 23-29 scratchers everyday with no success…although It seemed I added to the amount when I was more active in the surveys

  15. Shawn Givens

    I really wish I knew how to get rid of this bull crap I can’t stand this Lucky Day bull it is stupid all I have one was stupid tokens and no money I’ve been playing it for a while and I am done if anyone knows how to get rid of this stupid app please let me know how to get rid of it because if not I am just going to change my phone number my email address and everything and I guarantee you I’ll get rid of it that way and if it ever pops up again I will let everyone know that this is nothing but a gimmick in a bunch of bull in it is a scam I guarantee you no one will mess with it anymore after I get done I will block it I will do whatever I have to to make sure that whatever this thing is it goes out of business cuz it ain’t nothing but a bunch of bullcrap

  16. Michael House

    I’ve been playing the app about 5 months I did get enough tokens for a gift card but never got it about what I’m telling you right now I don’t care what anybody else says this is a scam and the people in the beginning I don’t know how much they’re paying them but they’re paying them close to their winnings I guess for them to even advertise it

  17. Denise

    I have been playing Lucky Day for 3 months or so and have been stuck at $9.00 need 10 to cash out, I feel like it’s just gonna stay there forever so I cannot cash out. I watch so many ads on this app that it should pay out.

  18. Lando

    Half of me says this is a waste of time and the other half says keep playing…I have had the Lucky Day app for 2 months and have racked in $3.00, and over 1,000,000 tokens…every day I check the recent winners and all their earnings are around the same…I don’t really think anybody has won over 100 dollars on here let alone the $500 and $5000 on the raffle drawing…i bet somewhere on somebody else’s device it will say that I won something. Might be deleting this app

  19. Carol

    I’m stuck at 9.75 for months. The best thing to do is save the coins for gift cards and don’t use them any other way.

  20. Jo

    I have been playing for over 6 months and it started slow after 3 months i had 8.25 and i did a scratch off and one 100.00 and it went into PayPal not a scam

  21. Scott f Schumer

    Was quick to hit 8.50 . After that it came to a stop. Just need an honest answer. Has anyone cashed out over 10.00. I think it’s a scam

  22. Lora Reynolds

    Why can’t I redeem my tokens

  23. Jerome Courts

    My name is Jerome Courts I just received a message through Instagram saying that I was randomly picked as the $ 2019 Lucky Day Grand prize winner of $150.000 and $2000.00 Amazon Gift card winner of the day I’m waiting to see if someone contacts me on how to get my prizes or if this is a BIG SCAM

  24. Ani

    Works it for Belgium? Today I saw and I am playing but I doubt a lot. It’s a trick to make people addicted in the begin they make you win I played now I won 182.000 tokens. What now?

  25. Jacob Allen

    3 words. Better buisness bureau

  26. Lucky Day is illuminati

    Total scam

  27. Michele Charette

    I have been playing this for over a year and about 6 months ago it stopped at $9.25 no more cash prizes. I play just for the DD GC. I play religiously 3 times a day

  28. Laurie J Meyer

    Can we request a copy of winners list.

  29. Cynthia

    I’ve been using all my tokens on the 5,000 raffle. I’ve got almost 500 entries. I wonder what the odds are for one winner. Looks like a lot of people have millions of tokens just to be on the list of having the most tokens and winning 10.00. what are they thinking? It would be informative to get an idea of the odds in the raffles.

  30. Angela Tull

    Why cant we redem our tokens get the 600 mil etc and now ot wont let me get the gift card, scam ????

  31. Jerryl

    It’s real got mine but sad to know can’t reinstall it!

  32. Zack

    Your black jack game should be replaced and you all should be ashamed for this aspect of the game. Give people at least a fair gambling chance instead of programming your dealer to get 20 or 21 every other hand. Terrible way to treat honest people playing your app. Your compy is getting paid , maybe you should fix the ratio

  33. Rickey

    I need to update the phone number listed on my lucky winner application that is available on Goggle Play Store. If you could please do that for me that would be greatly appreciated…
    Sincerely, Rickey

  34. Tommy lee

    Been playing for almost 2 years and been stuck on $9.25.
    Now I have over 40 million in tokens saved up but scared to use them up and not get anything and all for nothing.

  35. Martha Falconer

    I had over 2 million tokens, I put half on the 5 thousand dollar raffle, and the other half on the 500 dollar raffle. Didn’t win of course, but you can’t even when 10 dollars on the scratch offs! I don’t know what this game is about!

  36. Alec Chamberlain

    I haven’t had any luck myself but a bloke I know won $140 so I’m Gunna keep going for a bit but the creators really need to increase the payouts a lot….

  37. M Fennell

    I’ve been reading that people are stuck on $8or so for months I’m the same I have only had 1 Amazon gift card in the past seems to be a bit of a scam

  38. Vicki Madison

    You are not going to get rich playing that’s for r sure. However, it satisfies my scratch off craving, seriously, and I have cashed in points for 2 gift cards. I’ve been at 9.50 in my redeemable cash since January. I have more time than money due to illness, so this lets me play and get something I need via gift cards. Win in my book.

  39. Anita Thoresen

    Not a scam oh, I won cash I’ve cashed out my money was in my PayPal account within 25 minutes. I’m saving my coins for a couple gift cards. It’s not a scam they really do pay you and you really can use your coins for prizes I’m saving for the higher value gift cards and it passes my time I enjoy it. I read one review where she said she had won an Amazon gift card and 10 grand will then you must have downloaded the wrong app because Lucky Day would never do that to you you must have downloaded something that was cloned.Give it a second shot go through the play store and try it again I promise you you won’t be disappointed enjoy your day everyone and thanks for reading my comment.

  40. Thomas Desmond

    I don’t think it’s a scam even though I won $9.75 and can’t cash out but save your tokens you can cash out for gift cards and I did that twice. So it takes a little time but worth it.

  41. Tonja howell

    All I need is 25 cents to cash out please??????????????

  42. Jeff

    Not a damn thing and been playing almost 2 years. I think it’s just not the real deal. But will keep trying, temporarily that is.

  43. Robert Taylor

    I’ve been playing for a year now and yes my money value has stalled at $8.50. I do win tokens with every game I scratch. I’ve acquired over 25M in tokens so far. I was skeptical that this might be a scam but recently I talked with a friend of mine, who got discouraged and she had redeemed her tokens for gift cards. I asked if she received the cards and her answer was yes. The were issued in an email and all she had to do was show the email to redeem the prize. After receiving the gift cards, she deleted the app and can’t get it back. About a week ago, my wife was scratching her tickets and noticed her money value (that had stalled at $8.50 for as long as mine had stalled) was up to $18.50. Now I’m waiting for her to get a PayPal account so she can cash out her winnings. She too has over 25M in tokens. I think at this point I’m going to keep the app. There are a lot of mixed reviews about this app. One thing is for sure, the lottery is real. The numbers drawn are the same numbers every one gets. If you match all 6 numbers, it’s worth $100,000.00. Now hitting all 6 is possible but the question remains, will Lucky Day pay out.

  44. Jerry Rayburn

    What a joke. I’ve been at $9.75. for months and you can’t cash out until $10.00. Completely computer generated and a waste of time.

  45. Steven Rayburn

    Been playing almost a year and im up to 9.75. For the last 5 months. I’ve wasted alot of time on this crap. Beware.

  46. Tonja howell

    Look I only need 25 cents to cash out my 10.00 been playing for a month now and still can’t get a quarter please give me my 25 cents so I can cash out!

  47. Talona Dickens

    How many coins do u need to get to 10.00

  48. Mariam zikry

    I’ve been two months trying to redeem $10 from lucky day and now I’m the one have to contact who you guys sign up with gift cards company I already played another two months and should get to redeem another $10 if you can’t give me my $20  you guys are lying to people you don’t give out gift cards I’ll definitely delete the app because I don’t like liers

  49. Andrea Sterzer

    Only a game to gain points for gift certificates. $10 maximum. So, it’s ok if you play everyday; keep in mind, you must play everyday for along time to gain enough for $10. $10 equals 10 million tokens.

  50. Krista Keel

    Friend of mine told me about this she told me she had a lot of fun with it and she did win money which was awesome but then she lost her phone and so I started up on this and in one week I’ve won $2.25 right now all I’m winning is coins. Humm the coins don’t do much until you have 500,000 that’s going to take me forever not sure if this is even worth it on the ads for it tells you how you win all this money I don’t know about this game I’ve been debating if I should delete it or not I hate false advertisement when they say you win lots of money but you won’t. I played a lot of these games and never won any more than maybe to $3 it’s just a game just like the rest. But I like the excitement of the fun sounds and the scratch off games. it’s a cute game.

  51. Amy kelley

    Completely a scam.. I won 1,000 and said it was a glitch and gave me $5.00. Since then (months ago).

  52. Eloy Alvarez

    I’ve gotten free gifts on this app!! It’s ok to past time!!

  53. Genevieve Skirius

    They say I won $1,000,000 and that they gonna come to my house with cash and a farm is this real?!

  54. Chrissy

    Just keep playing…. It will be your lucky day some day. I think this game is great to play and win little by little.

  55. Jay

    Of Course this is legit. I know a few people that have cashed out and recieved their gift cards through email. Everyone saying it’s a scam is just hating because they wernt lucky enough to win anything and well sometimes you have to deal with the fact that your not more important than everyone else. There’s millions of people who play this game everyday and you really think that you deserve to win over them well sounds like most of the people giving negative responses are just selfish and greedy people. Also the person who said they played for 1 week and didnt win so it’s a scam all I can say is wow you have the patience of a child and go ahead dont play anymore they wont miss u and neither will the rest of us. You people on here trolling go do that somewhere else actually go in the mirror and do it to your self because we really dont need people like you around so do us all a favor and disappear if u know what I mean. Anyways app is 100% real people are just gonna hate cuz they hate themselves and I’m sure they got a reason too. Lll hahaha for real stop lying just to make yourself feel better cuz no one likes u anyway including your mom lol no joke though for real she hates u just ask her

  56. Jon Donnelly

    It’s a bs site tokens and a few Dollars they have this 5 day wheel you get 1 spin a week it has tokens and cash prizes it’s amazing how the wheel stops right before or right after a Dollar amount total fix app.

  57. Brian

    I’ve been playing for months and no cash here but I do get a $5 gift card every month…so you can get about $60 in gift cards annually

  58. Anthony McCrae

    Ive been stuck at 9.75 for a year. Am i the only one who noticed that the wheel stops on 8,000 tokens every time for over a year. What are the oddds on that? PayPal is always sold out. So even if you have enough coins you ca.nt cash out. Unbelievable

  59. Doug payne

    Yes it’s all bs nothing but tokens and ads I doubt there is real winners been playing about year maybe 13 dollars just forcing ads down your throat I give it 1 star

  60. Christine

    Ok, so I’ve been playing luckyday for about a year now…tho I’ve never gotten above 5.50 and that’s just recent I have more than once built up enuff tokens to cash in on gift cards and gifts..waiting on one now… They so have always delivered item was all ways really kewl and it’s free….so in point earning points is the better goal to have when playing this game…p.s….the one time I did have an issue with a gift card I contacted them and my tokens were fixed and was able to get something else other than that they do tend to try fix issues quickly…remember free and fun…..

  61. Eric

    Totally a scam. Try playing for three years like I have with absolutely no wins. Anyone who claims to have won, I hope you’re proud of yourselves to receive compensation to lie to others. The app is only intended as an ad revenue generator and uses your personal information to sell to their sponsors. Now I receive dozens of calls and texts from shady businesses wanting my debit card and social security number

  62. Ralph

    Tried to cash in tokens, recieved an email with the gift card. When I tried to get the validation code it said I already had. I’m stuck at 5 dollars. It’s a scam deleting it now.

  63. Tony

    Never win big always 25 cents, they make there money on advertising another worthless app. To prey on the needy like myself . The funny thing is they do what pch does excuses haven’t seen someone from Pennsylvania winning

  64. Robert Roehrman

    I have been playing this for about a year and have been stuck at $9.75 for about 7 months. I have however cashed in tokens for $60 worth of Starbucks cards which they sent within hours and I very simply transferred to my active Starbucks card. My friend has been playing for the same amount of time & has cashed in the same amount of Starbucks cards but he also won $200 on a scratcher which they got to him within 24 hours. So, I would say it is not a scam at all. If you play the scratchers every day, which only takes a few minutes and save them up you can get gift cards about once every 5 weeks or so and if you get very lucky you can win some money and they really pay it and in a prompt manner. I have also played Lucktastic for a year and have got absolutely nothing from them- i have $1.50 cash balance and it takes WAY too many tokens to cash in for gift cards. Lucktastic IS a scam and i am dropping it but Lucky Day is not bad…

  65. Frankie

    I have been playing lucky Day since October of 2018. I am up to almost 28 million in token. But now all token rewards are and have not been updated in awhile. I also was stuck on 9.50$ for months and then about 2 or so months ago I received another.25 cents. It’s fun to play and do the scratch off each day but don’t get your hopes up for any type of money and now rewards.

  66. Cathy Stuteville

    I mailed in for the face scrubber. I never received it. And, I can’t seem to find an 1-800 number to speak to a representative. Please tell me what is going on, I’ve be waiting for 3 months for my package, in the mail.

  67. Raymie

    To everyone that thinks u will not reach $10…u will. U just have to be patient. I too was at 8.50 for awhile then all of a sudden…got to 9…and then got a dollar and I have been sitting at 10 for some time. U just need to know it’s a very slow process but it’s NOT a scam. Play lucky money or another one of these apps that give a little faster than lucky day. But just know that all these apps are basically the same. They are designed for u to watch their commercials or play their games and very slowly win little amounts of money. That’s it.

  68. Scuba

    This is a SACAM. I hit $9.75 in 2-weeks over 10-months ago in 0.25 & 0.50. fast increments Nothing after that, not even a quarter.

  69. Brandon B.

    I am hopeful to this being real, for me it’s a free money ticket and if I can win some $$ then I will give them my time when I am not busy but can’t do any thing else, I am able to spend time playing interesting games for millions of tokens and currently have tons of raffle tickets. Heres to hope! Will be back here in a month if nothing comes of it tho.

  70. Eric

    Playing for at least 2 years daily, at first it paid small amounts over time. I cashed out twice when my cash balance reached over $10, but for over 12 months my cash earnings have sat at $8.75.
    I have earned over $50 in gift cards, but for the last 2 months they have not updated the available gift cards.
    Is it a scam? Not really I suspect they simply don’t have the cash flow !
    The thing with these apps is unlike lotteries and casinos there is no requirement to state odds or audit payouts.

  71. Duane Heady

    I won twice on 3 of a kind and my phone kept buffering and then a massage popped up saying OOPS! BEEN A ERROR SCRATCH ANOTHER CARD! After i hit they said it was a error…….scam

  72. Phillips Pat

    I have contacted customer service 3 times in the last 2 weeks. There are no rewards to redeem. I was told they were reloaded every 90 minutes which is not true. Like ordered I have been stuck on $8.00 for over 2 years. You need a minimum of $10.00 to cash out. I can’t even redeem my rewards for anything, because there aren’t any. Getting very aggravated.

  73. Missi

    This is a scam they should be sued for this app so lastnight i decided hey i have nothing to do so let me see if im lucky enough to win cash so i get on lucky day one of the first scratch of was a youtube i scratched it off had all 3 youtube signs i seen it with my own two eyes an my husband did also our heart dropped i couldn’t believe what i was seeing well as soon as i was about to sceenshot it it automatically kicked me off im talking about within 3 seconds it disappeared so quick i could not believe it an went to the next game i cryed so hard cause i really needed that money i immediately uninstall the app so please ppl do not waste your time its a scam

  74. Rafael Colon

    Been with them for a yr and 4 month i have $4.75 never won anything plus i notice no one from my county ever wins plus i have 15mil and play faithfully nothing i have better luck playing the P.A lottery with in this year ive won at least $200 dollars, im going to keep trying for one more month if not im deleting it.

  75. Janet Garner

    Tell me somebody, those little tidbits they send out, saying something like $548 was put n 3 people random account,.is anybody u no. ive seen that several times n like a idiot l check my acct, knowing there’s nothing there. After several months I’m up to $6.25, yaaah.

  76. Robert Reed

    has not given any cash awards in weeks. also emailed customer support about PayPal cards never being available. they said they would restock soon that was over a month ago. huge waste of time and phone space.

  77. Brenda lopez

    Does anyone really win the $500 daily raffle? I check the payout feed n it says people are cashing out, but i wonder if its real or just something to make us think there are actual winners. I’ve been playing for 8mths÷ and am stuck at $4.50. I have tokens but cant redeem them for anything good cause it says “sold out” always sold out. Not to mention all the ads i have to watch. It use to be 1 ad every 3-5 cards…lately its after every card and sometimes one starts while im scratching the ticket. Even when i check to see if im the winner of the raffle…theres an ad and when i go to claim my ticket. I swear all i do is watch crappy long ads!!! Just want to cash in my tokens ( so i dont feel like i waisted my life on this app) n then delete. Cause you cant say i won $4.50 or even $9.75 because i cant claim it till it hits $10. So technically i didnt win sh*t! Ugh so frustrating. I get its free. But its still bs.

  78. Cynthia holtmann

    I have been playing this app for quite some time over a year-and-a-half. five prizes I have one with coins not really worried about the money, out of those five I only received one prize a $5 coupon for AMC Theater the rest of the prizes were refunded in coins, and a Remington shaver I’ve been waiting on since the 1st of January cost me 25 million coins but I have yet to receive my coins or my prize.

  79. Jim Johnson

    no one will ever get more than $9.75 after the first month been playing for every day for the last two years, still trying to get 25 penny’s, everyone will be the luckiest people and win money everyday for the first month then you’ll never receive another penny until the end of the world or your just the luckiest person for the first month and then never again, when they ask to rate the app I told them the same and they just replied that if you just keep playing you’ll win , so there computer that gets people hooked from the first month and then blocks the lucky day, they should have to rename it as “lucky first month” and then it has to be changed to “Sucky Day” I’ll talk to everyone again next year after I play all this year and still don’t get 25 cents, everyone have a wonderful year just make sure you download all other apps except this one.

  80. Ather

    100% a scam, now. Used to be legitimate. Not for cash, you’ll never get $10.00 but for items and gift cards. Then they stopped items and gift cards are sold out except for $200 and $500 which require years of playing to earn. And it’s not even available on App Store any more. They just wanted ad views to profit iff of, and thankfully IOS doesn’t get them anymore. As the apps been scuttled for Apple.

  81. Anthony Dubenion

    Been playing for 3 years and only won $9.90 finally got to 100 million tokens and I can’t redeem them everything is sold out or removed don’t waste your time with this app it’s a huge scam there’s better more legit games out there that will actually give you a chance to win cash and redeem your tokens definitely not the Lucky Day app it’s a scam.

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