Is Romwe Legit or Scam?

Romwe ( represents a globally recognized platform offering women’s clothes that are shipped from China at a surprisingly low cost.

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Although shopping online has become an easy way to get what you need at a minimal price, sometimes it might just as well turn into a risky affair, because some online platforms cannot be trusted.

What about Romwe Company?

Well, just like any site operating globally, much caution needs to be employed when using the services of this platform because some of their propositions seem too good to be true.

Let’s get a better insight into this matter in order to arrive at a well-grounded decision as for whether this is yet another scam or a reliable service provider whose products are of great quality.

romwe reviews

Is Romwe Safe?

When it comes to discussing the legitimacy of a fashion retailer online, it is worth considering all the pros and cons before purchasing anything.

It is also advisable to read customer feedback to gather all the necessary details about the given site.

Romwe is a fully legal platform that actually sells clothing at an attractive price and delivers them all over the world.

However, there is much more than that.

According to some customers, client support here is simply unbearable, being too sluggish and not friendly at all. That’s where you might think that you are dealing with a fraudster.

Furthermore, the shipping process appears to be a lot slower than would be expected from a decent and truly reliable retail store, so that you cannot be absolutely sure whether it is worth giving a go.

What Are the Negatives?

Among the major negative sides of Romwe as a fashion retail store, the following aspects need to be highlighted:

  • You are not guaranteed quick shipping. Instead, you might expect that the clothes will reach the destination much later than anticipated;
  • Clothes might not necessarily fit you, because the sizing on this platform is really small and sometimes the measurements are false;
  • Although Romwe is not necessarily a counterfeit site, its customer service leaves much to be desired simply because you will not be treated as a welcome client;
  • The quality of clothes is not so good, as it is hard to expect anything to be of great quality if it costs ridiculously cheap.

What Do Customer Reviews Say?

Well, the opinion of most customers regarding this platform is largely negative, so you should leave your hopes aside if you intend to do shopping at this site.

However, some users claim that this site still offers some decent clothing, and the pricing is really low, which is a great plus.

This makes us think that if you are not bothered about the right sizing or other inconveniences that might appear, it would be worthwhile to give it a try and get a first-hand experience because no one will tell you better than your own judgment.

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Consumer Reviews

2 Reviews

  1. Mary says:

    How long does it take for a Romwe order to get to the us after its been shipped?

  2. Keyt says:

    How come I dont have my order when it says that it has been shipped?

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