RoseGal Reviews

RoseGal is not an ordinary China-based online fashion store, because it is majorly distinguished by a myriad of styles and designs, both modern and vintage ones.

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Here you may find whatever suits you еру best out of a great variety of options including clothes, footwear, accessories and even kitchen utensils.

According to customers’ reviews, this online store is currently on top of popularity and does not seem to lose its positions on the market.

However, there are a few negative testimonials as well, so we are going to discuss whether or not RoseGal Company can be trusted in order to make a fair and well-grounded conclusion.

Benefits and Shortcomings

We have ordered a few items at this store ourselves, and we need to admit that there are a few benefits to be highlighted in this review.

Here are only a few of the most prominent advantages of doing shopping at this platform:

  • The shipment process is completely free of charge;
  • The assortment of goods is humongous and bristles with lots of designs suitable for absolutely any tastes of customers;
  • The pricing at RoseGal is quite reasonable with hardly any extra charges or unwanted fees;
  • There is an additional service to ensure extra “customer protection” that can be activated when paying for your purchase using PayPal.


Nonetheless, just like with any store of such kind, there are a few negative points as well.

rosegal reviews

Here are several of the most important ones:

  • According to clients’ feedback, the delivery takes too much time (from one week to around a month);
  • The size charts might confuse customers because they are not always true-to-life, so there is a need to be cautious when choosing the right size;
  • In order to make a payment, you’ll have to create an account, which might be inconvenient for some users;
  • Reverse shipment of clothes in case your dissatisfaction is associated with additional costs.

Is RoseGal Safe?

Most customers might now be wondering whether it is completely safe to shop at RoseGal or if this is yet another unreliable store to be avoided by all means.

Well, obviously such negative sides as provision of false information about sizing as well as too long shipment of purchased goods may make anyone think that they are dealing with a scam.

Above all, the return process is quite unreliable as well, because there might be certain troubles with getting your money back in case of your dissatisfaction.

Certain customers even claim it is virtually impossible to get a refund from this platform.


All this makes us think that RoseGal store is not as reliable as it is expected, but you can still find some truly exclusive items of clothing here, so it is worth giving it a try especially if you know for sure which size will suit you the best.

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Consumer Reviews

2 Reviews

  1. Mark says:

    how long does rosegal take to ship?

  2. Doroty says:

    how to get your money back from rosegal?

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